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How to contact them

Points to raise

For those outside Wales

Sample letters and emails

Peter Black is filing a motion to annul the Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011.

We expect a debate and a vote in the Senedd before the end of March, when the Order would otherwise come into force. However many Assembly Members are likely to simply follow the party line and support the cull, so we would urge everyone to contact their Assembly Members to show that this is an important election issue and ask them to support Peter's motion to annul.

If you do not want this Order to become law, we urge you to write to as many AMs as possible to tell them how you feel. Peter Black will apply for an annulment of the Order on Tuesday (15th) which will force an Assembly debate on the subject. It is vital that all AMs get the message that this is an issue they cannot ignore. If we do nothing, Elin Jones will claim once more that there is no substantive opposition to her policies within the IAA and in Wales as a whole. AMs need to feel the very real weight of opinion against the cull.

How to contact them

Undeniably the most effective method is if you can see them face-to-face at a meeting or surgery, but few of us have the time or opportuinity. Writing a letter is the next most effective technique, and email is the most convenient and still well worth doing.

The Welsh Assembly website will allow you to find any given Assembly Member's contact details, or you can put in your postcode and get the list of all the AMs responsible for your area. Alternatively for those who know how to use the mailmerge facility of their word processor, we have a spreadsheet available with the AMs addresses in Excel, OpenOffice or a 'comma separated values' file.

If you want to email all the AMs, this file lists all their emails, and can be simply copied and pasted into the address bar. Or if your browser is properly set up to use your preferred email program then clicking on this link should open a new email message with their addresses already filled in for you, but be aware that putting several email addresses into a link like this is not strictly allowed in HTML, so many browsers will not work well with such a link.

Points to raise

Make your letter as personal as possible. You don't need to write a lot - a short letter or email making one or two points can be as effective, and more likely to be carefully read, than a detailed and carefully researched essay!

Some points to raise can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here are a few suggestions about points which you could make:

For those outside Wales

If you are from outside Wales the best thing you can do right now is write to Elin Jones and copy to Visit Wales (responsible for tourism in Wales) and Alun Ffred Jones (Minister for Heritage, responsible for tourism). Make your views about the cull clear and that this will affect your choice of holiday destination in future - you will find it very difficult to visit or holiday in Wales if this cull goes ahead - make it personal - maybe refer to the reasons why you have chosen Wales as a destination in the past such as wildlife, peace and tranquility of the countryside etc - and say how much a cull will damage the image of Wales for a very long time. Below this is an email copied to me by someone who did this off their own bat which gives an idea.

The email addresses are:, and

And please send us a copy too! Email

Example of email sent by someone else:

Dear Elin Jones,
I am horrified that yet again, as I attempt to plan a holiday in Wales, my Web search options include a new bill to cull badgers!
This also happened last year, whilst trying to plan a family holiday......we went to Northumbria instead. My family and I enjoy taking holidays around Britain a minimum of 5 weeks of the year, and always pick locations which include wildlife spotting. Friends have influenced our decision to pick Wales in the first place and talk readily of it's many areas of natural beauty. This is really sullied by the latest news of the proposed cull. We won't be coming again if it goes ahead.

Sample letters

A letter sent by PAC to all Assembly Members

A letter concentrating on procedural problems with the cull

A letter looking at Human rights espects of the cull

For more information contact email address