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John Griffiths announces badger vaccination project

The Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, revel casino John Griffiths, has announced that he will be pursuing a badger vaccination programme rather than a cull.
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About us

Pembrokeshire Against the Cull is a group of landowners, rivers casino farmers and residents living in the proposed badger cull area. We take bovine TB seriously and recognise its impact on the farming community, of which many of us are a part. However, we oppose killing badgers because scientific trials have shown that it is unlikely to help. Badger populations would need to be decimated over many years and huge areas, with perhaps a very small bTB reduction in the immediate cull area, but an increased incidence on neighbouring farms. Any such cull would be an unacceptable assault on native wildlife, and is likely to prove so impractical that it would make the problem worse. Experts acknowledge that a tighter testing regime for cattle, much better handling of bTB occurrence on farms and better biosecurity will lower the incidence and spread of bTB, paving the way for vaccination of both badgers and cattle in the imminent future.


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